The Face Behind the Brand

Today is my birthday!!!

Every year I try to do something really nice for myself! Soooo... why should this year be any different just because we are in the middle of a pandemic?! (Yes, I launched a business during a pandemic! Crazy! RIGHT?!)

I decided that LUXPLANS would FINALLY make its official debut to the world! 

LUXPLANS was created from the love of organization and luxury! The inspiration behind my brand is a clean, minimal, and bold aesthetic! 

The first time I remember actually using a planner was in middle school! I gained such a sense of organization and responsibility! This time in my life paved the way for how I live my life now ...on paper! 

One of my favorite things about planning is being able to check off all the items on my to-do list! You know, to actually see progress! It gives me such a sense of satisfaction!

If you didn't know, I'm from the south and I love classy things! So you may notice that some of my designs are: CLASSY, BOUGIE, RATCHET. 😜

I'm so glad you decided to join me. Thank you so much for being here! 


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